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This new kind of geographical dictionary lists earlier and current trade names of greater than 7,000 locations. It focuses relatively on placenames with legitimate or semiofficial prestige instead of nicknames or colloquial abbreviations. trade placenames are vital for historic and geographical purposes, and even if they predominate in international locations that experience passed through wars and invasions, such trade names can both good outcome from political or administrative adjustments. as well as the real information concerning every one access, the dictionary additionally reviews on names and their origins the place applicable. Appendices specialise in placenames in non-English languages and on locations which were renamed in fictional works.

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A third Borve in Harris has the Gaelic name Na Buirgh. ) Braniewo (town, northeastern Poland) : to 1945 German Braunsberg Branodunum see Brancaster Branogenium see Leintwardine Braüsk (town, northeastern Poland) : 1807–1915, 1939–1941 Russian Bryansk Brantovka see 5Oktyabr’sky Brashear City see Morgan City Brasil see Brazil Braslav see Braslaw Braslaw (town, northern Belarus) : (Russian Braslav); 1919–1939 Polish Brasùaw Brasùaw see Braslaw Bra£ov (city, central Romania) : 1950–1960 Stalin or Ora£ul Stalin; 1867–1918 Hungarian Brassó, to 1867 German Kronstadt (The German name should not lead to confusion with the Russian town of Kronshtadt.

The Roman name relates to the modern Spanish province of Cantabria. ) Bischoflack see ¶kofja Loka Bischofsburg see Biskupice Bischofstal see Ujazd Bischofstein see Bisztynek Bischofteinitz see Hor§ovskï Tï n Bisert (town, west central Russia) : to 1942 Bisertsky Zavod Bisertsky Zavod see Bisert Bishkek (city, northern Kyrgyzstan) : 1926– 1991 Russian Frunze; 1862–1926 Russian Pishpek Bishopston (village, southern Wales) : Welsh Llandeilo Ferwallt Biskupice (town, southeastern Poland) : to 1945 German Bischofsburg Biskupiec (town, northeastern Poland) : to 1945 German Bischofswerder Bismarck (city, North Dakota, northern United States) : to 1873 Camp Hancock; earlier Camp Greeley; originally Crossing on the Missouri Bismarckburg see Kasanga Bistri´a (city, north central Romania) : 1940– 1944 Hungarian Beszterce; to 1867 German Bistritz Bistritz see Bistri´a Bisztynek (town, northeastern Poland) : to 1945 German Bischofstein Bitola (city, southern Macedonia) : to 1913 Turkish Monastir Bitonto (town, southeastern Italy) : Roman Butuntum Bitterne (village, southern England) : Roman Clausentum (The Roman name has also been applied to the village of Wickham, 6 miles to the west, but the coastal site, with its historic naval base, is the traditional one.

Brest-Litovsk see Brest Bretagne see Brittany Brewster, Cape (eastern Greenland) : [Greenlandic Kangikajik] Brezhnev see Naberezhnyye Chelny Bre±ice (town, southern Slovenia) : to 1918, 1941–1945 German Rann 34 Brezno (town, central Slovakia) : to 1918 Hungarian Breznobánya; to 1867 German Bries Breznobánya see Brezno Briançon (town, southeastern France) : Roman Brigantium Bricksburg see 1Lakewood Brickton see Park Ridge Bridgend (town, southern Wales) : Welsh Pen-yBont ar Ogwr Bridgeport (city, Connecticut, northeastern United States) : to 1800 Stratfield; originally Newfield Bridgeton (city, New Jersey, northeastern United States) : formerly Bridgetown; originally Cohansey Bridge 1 Bridgetown (town, southwestern Barbados) : formerly St.

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