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Newtown, NSW. 4 Apr 1919. of Wollongong. NSW; Apr-May AUD AC I O US B O M B I NG 39 forced later arrivals to attack from greater heights. Similarly spectacular results were obtained on 30th April-1 st May when No. 1 Group sent 1 1 6 Lancasters against a very large ammunition dump near Maintenon. The 1 4 aircraft of No. 460 attacked from 8,000 feet but in excellent visibility they had no difficulty in identifying the markers even when the whole area became a mass of flames and "a grand firework display".

W. E U R O P E 1944 Supplementary to this task of depressing German air potential was that of safeguarding Allied ports, communications and preparatory dis­ positions from enemy attack. Leigh-Mallory estimated the strength of available German long-range bombers as 450, capable of individual raids of up to 150 aircraft and a sustained effort of 2 5 bombers every night. ) In the period from 1st April to 5th June 1 944, there were, however, only three short periods of Luftwaffe activity, totalling about 600 sorties.

Van Raalte, 415220; 97 Sqn RAF. Metal rigger; of North Perth, WA; b. Guildford, 3 WA, 21 Jan 1913. Killed in action 23 Jun 1944. 495 60-lb rocket projectiles were also employed by fighters. 36 P R E P ARATIONS FOR A S S A U L T O N N. W. E U RO P E 1944 including 1 0 Lancasters of No. F. Lancasters were dispatched against this battery on 27th-28th May causing consider­ able damage to the whole site, although the heavily casemated guns still appeared intact. Three nights earlier No. 460 had set a new squadron record, 24 Lancasters carrying no less a load than 1 3 3 t tons of bombs against a battery-one of the "red herring" targets-outside the assault area.

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