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By P. Denoix, G. Mathé (auth.), Professor Gianni Bonadonna, Professor Georges Mathé, Professor Sydney E. Salmon (eds.)

P. Denoix and G. Mathe nearly 70% of melanoma sufferers relapse after surgical procedure sooner than the fifth 12 months and, ordinarily, for instance in breast carcinoma, they relapse nonetheless later as much as the 20 th yr. For a few huge time, the method of melanoma therapy has been restricted to the sophistication of surgery-radiotherapy combos that maximally diminished the prevalence of neighborhood and neighborhood relapses in websites that have been inside their succeed in. this day, the perform of medical oncology is unthinkable with no the energetic participation of the scientific oncologist. he's the "third guy" of the scientific oncology staff, and he has lately centred recognition at the proven fact that so much relapses come up from far-off metastases because of the proliferation of cells seeded there after having left the first tumor website on the time of operation and, therefore, are inaccessible to any shape oflocal and/or nearby remedy. in this proof, scientific oncologists have proposed the applying of scientific remedies for disseminated minimum residual ailment (MRD). they've got to be had skill: chemother­ apy and immunotherapy. clinical oncologists mostly could be divided into 3 teams: chemotherapists, immunotherapists, and chemoimmunotherapists. The natural chemotherapists, who had already cured a few malignant neoplasias corresponding to Hodgkin's sickness, acute lymphoid leukemia, placental choriocarcinoma, and Wilms' tumor, idea they may have the technique of attacking the residual sickness of universal cancers.

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Clin. Invest. 51, 1697 (1972) Ectopic Production of A CTH, Lipotropin, and {3-Endorphin by Human Cancer Cells. Structurally Related Tumor Markers X. Y. Bertagna, W. E. Nicholson, K. Tanaka, C. D. Mount, O. D. Sorenson, O. S. Pettengill, and D. N. Orth Introduction Ectopic hormone secretion was first demonstrated by MEADOR et al. [8] in 1962 in patients with Cushing's syndrome due to ACTH production by nonpituitary tumors. Since this discovery almost all the known peptide hormones have now been reported to be ectopically produced by a variety of tumors (Table 1).

To assess the value of CEA as a prognostic factor in patients with metastatic disease. This represents an interim report of our data. Methods In order to qualify for the study, patients were divided into primary cases and metastatic cases. In primary cases the CEA must have been performed less than or equal to 3 months after surgery. The patients must have had no evidence of residual or metastatic disease as determined by standard blood tests, scans and X-rays, and the CEA had to have been performed in a period between Apri11975 and June 1976.

Vandevoorde,J. , Miller, O. , Hines, L. , Burns, J. : Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) assay. A laboratory adjunct in the diagnosis and management of cancer. Hum. Pathol. 5, 139-147 (1974) 3. Maugh II, T. : CEA: Puzzling new information about a useful marker. Science 197, 544 (1977) 4. Myers, R. , Sutherland, D. J. , Kellen, J. , Malkin, D. : CEA in breast cancer. Cancer (in press) (1978) 5. Wang, D. , Bulbrook, R. , Hayward, J. , Hendrick, J. : Relationship between plasma carcinoembryonic antigen and prognosis in women with breast cancer.

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