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Книга посвящена истории канадского доллара. Отлично проиллюстрирована цветными изображениями.

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The Dominion government circulated a special issue of $5 notes in Nova Scotia, with the legend PAYABLE AT HALIFAX/ONLY printed vertically on them. 86 in the rest of Canada (Haxby 1975). There was considerable opposition to this change in Nova Scotia, given its continuing strong links to Great Britain. 8666 (Flemming 1921, 132). Newfoundland’s currency was also not compatible with that of Canada. 014 Canadian dollars. Newfoundland’s currency was made consistent with Canada’s in 1895 (McCullough 1984, 223).

The primary purpose of the act was to provide a fund that could be used to “aid in the control and protection of the external value of the Canadian monetary unit” (Statutes of Canada 1935). 69 Although the Exchange Fund Act was passed in 1935, the section of the act dealing with the use of the fund to protect the value of the Canadian dollar was not put into effect until 15 September 1939, following Canada’s entry into World War II. In any event, an Exchange Fund Account was not required to stabilize the Canadian dollar during the mid-1930s.

Under the 1914 act, the Advance Rate could not fall below 5 per cent. This minimum level was removed in the 1923 revision. A History of the Canadian Dollar Back on the Gold Standard–Temporarily Canada, $5 and $10 patterns, 1928 Following the resumption of the gold standard in 1926, consideration was briefly given to striking $5 and $10 gold pieces similar to those issued prior to World War I. Copper patterns were prepared, but no further action was taken. With Canada’s return to the gold standard, currency supplied by the chartered banks lost its legal tender status, although the government could restore this status under the Finance Act in the event of an emergency.

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