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Conceived initially as a major presentation of  the improvement of philosophy for Catholic  seminary scholars, Frederick Copleston's nine-volume  A background Of Philosophy has  journeyed some distance past the modest goal of its writer to  universal acclaim because the most sensible historical past of  philosophy in English. Copleston, an Oxford Jesuit  of huge erudition who as soon as tangled with A. J.  Ayer in a fabled debate concerning the lifestyles of God  and the potential for metaphysics, knew that  seminary scholars have been fed a woefully insufficient diet  of theses and proofs, and that their familiarity  with so much of history's nice thinkers used to be reduced  to simplistic caricatures. Copleston set out to  redress the incorrect via writing an entire background of  Western philosophy, one crackling with incident and  intellectual pleasure -- and person who provides full  place to every philosopher, offering his inspiration in a  beautifully rounded demeanour and exhibiting his links  to those that went earlier than and to people who came  after him.

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But what is the One-in-many? For Heraclitus, as for the Stoics of later times, who borrowed the notion from him, the essence of all things is Fire. Now, it might seem at first sight that Heraclitus is merely ringing the changes on the old Ionian theme—as 1 Frag. 50. » Frag. 80. * Numenius. Frag. 16, apud Chalcidium, c. 297 (D. 22 A 22). * Frag. 51. » Hegel, Hist. , vol. I. THE WORD OF HERACLITUS 41 though because Thales made Reality to be Water and Anaximenes Air, Heraclitus, simply in order to find something different from his predecessors, fixed on Fire.

32. » Frag. 96. * Frag. 118. • Frags. 77, 36. i44 PRE-SOCRATIC PHILOSOPHY Law, tends to produce a psychological attitude that is at variance with what would seem to be logically demanded by the theoretical identification of God with the cosmic unity.

The Pythagoreans are of interest to us, not only because of their musical and mathematical investigations; not only because of their character as a religious society; not only because through their doctrine of transmigration of souls and their mathematical metaphysic—at least in so far as they did not "materialise" 1 Cf. Arist. Physics, 303 a IO-IJ. • In Eukleiden, Friedlein, 65, 16-19. » Heath, art. cit. 4 Cf. the words of the Russian philosopher, Leo Chestov: " I t ha£ happened a. re than once that a truth has had to wait for recognition whole centuries after its discovery.

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