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But having been detected by the poet Lasus of Hermione, in the very act of interpolating them with new matter of his own, Hipparchus banished him with indignation. The Peisistratids however, now in banishment themselves, forgot or forgave this offence, and carried Onomakritus with his prophecies to Susa, announcing him as a person of oracular authority, to assist in working on the mind of Xerxes. To this purpose his interpolations, or his omissions, were now directed : for when introduced to the Persian monarch, he recited emphatically various encouraging predictions wherein the bridging of the Hellespont, and the triumphant march of a barbaric host into Greece, appeared as predestined ; while he carefully kept back all those of a contrary tenor, which portended calamity and disgrace.

116, 120). The facts which these persons communicated to him were always presented along with associations referring to their own functions or religious sentiments, nor did Herodotus introduce anything new when he incorporated them as such in his history. The treatise of Plutarch—" Cur Pythia nunc non reddat Oracula Carmine "—affords an instructive description of the ample and multifarious narratives given by the expositors at Delphi, respecting the eminent persons and events of Grecian history, so well fitted to satisfy the visitors who came full of curiosity—iko8edpoves, tX6\oyoi and (\>CKofia6(ts (Plutarch, ib.

18 [PART II. any subsequent period; for it comprised maritime Thrace and Macedonia as far as the borders of Thessaly, and nearly all the islands of the iEgean north of Krete and east of Euboea—including even the Cyclades. There existed Persian forts and garrisons at Doriskus, Eion, and other places on the coast of Thrace, while AbdeTa with the other Grecian settlements on that coast were numbered among the tributaries of Susa1. It is necessary to bear in mind these boundaries of the empire, at the time when Xerxes mounted the throne, as compared with its reduced limits at the later time of the Peloponnesian war—partly that we may understand the apparent chances of success to his expedition, as they presented themselves both to the Persians and to the medising Greeks—partly that we may appreciate the after-circumstances connected with the formation of the Athenian maritime empire.

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