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By Nigel Goose

In keeping with fundamental assets and interviews with present citizens and up to date trustees, this good researched historical past strains the expansion and growth of Doughty’s medical institution, an almshouse in Norwich, England, whereas studying a number of the philanthropic projects and social regulations in Britain as an entire. From the hospital’s starting place on the bequest of the departed William Doughty in 1687 to its current situation, this checklist considers key features of the hospital’s improvement, together with its citizens, employees, monetary administration, and ideas and rules. With chapters at the 18th, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, this account makes a useful contribution to the historical past of social welfare.

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Before we turn to the endowment of Doughty’s almshouse, we should note that he also made a range of other charitable bequests. A loan fund of £600 was entrusted to the Corporation, £250 of which was to be lent interest free for five years to ten worsted weavers living in the city, £250 to shopkeepers or tradesmen on the same terms, and £100 to five poor bargemen, lightermen or keelmen engaged in the carriage of goods between Norwich and Yarmouth. 6 The twelve poorest families who lived closest to the house he inhabited in Norwich were to receive 10 shillings apiece (an echo of his father’s will), while the poor of the parish within which he died were to receive 6 Larger towns were commonly divided into geographical units called wards as well as into parishes.

Clark and P. Slack (eds), Crisis and order in English towns 1500–1700 (Routledge and Kegan Paul: London, 1972), pp. 275–6. 72 Meeres, History of Norwich, p. 37. 73 Pound, ‘Government to 1660’, p. 46; Corfield, ‘Provincial capital’, pp. 287–95. 74 Corfield,‘Provincial capital’, p. 263; P. Corfield,‘Economic growth and change in seventeenthcentury English towns’, in C. , The traditional community under stress (Open University Press: Milton Keynes, 1977), p. 37. 19 20 A History of Doughty’s Hospital city’s English population – a total of 2,359 people – were recorded as unable to sustain themselves, and this figure did not include any poor Dutch immigrants in the city.

Some are broke some are dead some gone beyond sea some abscond themselves and some conceal themselves and [their] debts’. Doughty is at pains to justify his legacies, carefully listing the payments he had made in accordance with his father’s will, as well as those made to his sisters and brother-in-law subsequently, while also noting that the remainder of his father’s personal estate had been ‘spent in suits with my unkind relatives … so I have given unto my kinsmen and kinswomen more than they could or can expect’.

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