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By Lyle Campbell

Old linguistics — the examine of language switch — has lengthy been a cornerstone of linguistics. With its lengthy heritage, a number of subfields, and intricate terminology, it offers many demanding situations to scholars and students. This ebook is a necessary complement to classes in historic linguistics and the background of person languages. It offers an available, updated, and broadly consultant evaluation of old linguistics via explication of its major phrases and concepts.
Key beneficial properties:
-A convenient and straightforward to appreciate pocket guide
-Numerous pass references to comparable terms
-New and conventional terminology
-Defines terminologies, presents examples and appropriate discussions
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Chain shift A series of interrelated sound changes. One idea behind the chain shifts is that the sounds of a sound system are integrated into a whole the parts of which are interconnected so that a change in one part of the system can have implications for other parts of the system, which lead to additional change. In this view, sound systems tend to be symmetrical or natural, and those that are not, those which have a ‘gap’ in the phonemic inventory, tend to change to make them symmetrical/natural (to fill in the gap).

Dené-Caucasian, Dené-Sino-Caucasian A proposed distant genetic relationship, associated initially with a number of Russian scholars, that would link Burushaski, North Caucasian, Basque and Sino-Tibetan, the so-called ‘NaDené’ languages, and for some also Yenisseian (Bengston 1991, 1992, 1997, Blazek and Bengston 1995, Shevoroshkin 1991). However, since not even -Na-Dené has been satisfactorily demonstrated, Na-Dené could hardly be shown successfully to be connected to these various Old World groups.

Diffusion’ is often used as a near synonym of borrowing. When diffusion of structural features across the languages of a particular region takes place, we speak of a linguistic area. See also areal linguistics, language contact, lexical diffusion. diglossia The situation in which a speech community has two or more varieties of the same language used by speakers under different conditions, characterized by certain traits (attributes) usually with one variety considered ‘higher’ and another variety ‘lower’.

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