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By Vladimir V. Tkachuk

This paintings is a continuation of the 1st quantity released by means of Springer in 2011, entitled "A Cp-Theory challenge publication: Topological and serve as Spaces." the 1st quantity supplied an creation from scratch to Cp-theory and normal topology, getting ready the reader for a certified figuring out of Cp-theory within the final part of its major textual content. This current quantity covers a wide selection of subject matters in Cp-theory and basic topology on the expert point bringing the reader to the frontiers of contemporary examine. the quantity comprises 500 difficulties and workouts with whole suggestions. it may well even be used as an advent to complicated set conception and descriptive set thought. The e-book provides different subject matters of the idea of functionality areas with the topology of pointwise convergence, or Cp-theory which exists on the intersection of topological algebra, practical research and common topology. Cp-theory has an incredible position within the class and unification of heterogeneous effects from those parts of study. furthermore, this booklet supplies a fairly whole assurance of Cp-theory via 500 conscientiously chosen difficulties and routines. by way of systematically introducing all the significant subject matters of Cp-theory the booklet is meant to carry a devoted reader from simple topological ideas to the frontiers of contemporary research.

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The space X is weakly Whyburn or a weakly Whyburn space if for any non-closed A X , there exists x 2 AnA and an almost closed F A such that x 2 F . A space X is called submaximal if it has no isolated points and every dense subspace of X is open in X . g is a cover of X . A space X is radial if for any A X and any x 2 AnA, there exist a regular cardinal Ä and a transfinite sequence S D fx˛ W ˛ < Äg A such that S ! , for any open U 3 x, there is ˛ < Ä such that for each ˇ ˛, we have xˇ 2 U . The space X is pseudoradial if A X and A ¤ A imply that there is a regular cardinal Ä and a transfinite sequence S D fx˛ W ˛ < Äg A such that S !

203. x; x/ W x 2 X g X 2 be the diagonal of X . Prove that if X 2 n is paracompact, then X is metrizable. 204. Observe that any Fréchet–Urysohn space must be Whyburn. Prove that any countably compact Whyburn space is Fréchet–Urysohn. 205. Give an example of a pseudocompact Whyburn space which fails to be Fréchet–Urysohn. 206. Observe that a continuous image of a Whyburn space need not be Whyburn. Prove that any image of a Whyburn space under a closed map is a Whyburn space. Prove that the same is true for weakly Whyburn spaces.

197. Assume MAC:CH. X / is countable. Prove that X has a countable network. 198. X / contains no uncountable free sequences. Prove that for any Y X , the space Y is hereditarily Lindelöf if and only if it is hereditarily separable. 199. X / D !. X / is Lindelöf and Y X has countable spread. Prove that Y has a countable network. 200. X / is hereditarily stable, then X has a countable network. 3 Whyburn Spaces, Calibers and Lindelöf ˙ -Property All spaces are assumed to be Tychonoff. Given two families A and B of subsets of a space X , say that A is a network with respect to B if for any B 2 B and any open U B, there is A 2 A such that B A U .

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