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By A. Norman Jeffares

This e-book discusses the reviews of students and critics at the performs of Yeats, explains problems in Yeats performs, annotating phrases and words the place priceless and it additionally offers information of printings, preliminary courses and casts..

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It may once, when the land of the Sidhe was the only other world, and when every man who died was carried thither, have always accompanied death. I suggest that the battle between the Tribes of the goddess Danu, the powers of light, and warmth, and fruitfulness, and goodness, and the Fomer, the powers of darkness, and cold and barrenness, and badness upon the Towery Plain, was the establishment of the habitable world, the rout of the ancestral darkness; that the battle among the Sidhe for the harvest is the annual battle of summer and winter; that the battle among the Sidhe at a man's death is the battle of life and death; and that the battle of the Black Pig is the battle between the manifest world and the ancestral darkness at the end of all things; and that all these battles are one, the battle of all things with shadowy decay.

Quoted by R. Ellmann, IY 295-6) Tbe Pot of Brotb The first performance of this 'trivial, unambitious retelling of an old folk-tale [which] showed William Fay for the first time as a mostloveable comedian' (A 452), was given in Dublin, 30 October 1902, in the Antient Concert Rooms. It was written with Lady Gregory's help, but 'neither Lady Gregory nor I could yet distinguish between the swift-moving town dialect - the dialect of the Irish novelists no matter what part of Ireland they wrote of- and the slow-moving country dialect' (A 4p).

338). For the latest detailed account of the period, see Thomas Pakenham, The Year of Liberty. The Story of the great Irish Rebellion of rn8, 1969. h11rling: 'hurling-match' is read in the Samhain text and up to The Unicorn from the Stars and Other Plays (1908). Hurley or hurling is an Irish game, resembling hockey. It is mentioned in the Red Branch stories, and was encouraged by the Gaelic Athletic Association which preceded the Gaelic League (established in 1893). Its mention here has patriotic, nationalist resonances.

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