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By Professor Dr.-Ing. Wen-Hsing Chiang, Professor Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Kinzelbach (auth.)

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Since the recharge rate is 8x10-9 [m 3/m 2/s] and the dissolution rate is Ix10-4 [~g Is/m2], the concentration associated with the recharge flux is IxlO-4 18xlO-9=12500 3. Choose Leave Editor from the File menu or dick the leave editor button • . l. To assign the parameters for the adveetive transport Choose MOC3D > Advection ... from the Models menu. A Parameters for Advection Transport (MOC3D) dialog box appears. Enter the values as shown in Fig. 30 into the dialog box, select Bilinear (X Y directions) for the interpolation scheme for partide velocity.

This file is created by the LKMT package provided by MT3D/MT3DMS (Zheng 1990, 1998). - path is the folder in which the model data are saved. 2. 5 Step 5: Calculate subregional water budget There are situations in which it is useful to calculate water budgets for various subregions of the model. DAT. , pumping well or recharge; (2) cell-bycell storage tenns, which give the rate of accumulation or depletion of storage in an individual cell; (3) cell-by-cell constant-head flow tenns, which give the net flow to or from individual fixed-head cells; and (4) internal cell-by-cell flows, which are the flows across individual cell faces-that is, between adjacent model cells.

CI>OIge weil 0,... pl~ ton" In lI'Ie e&1HJy-c::e11 mode Fig. 12. bl. '" Iobol. gnOI. OloaMl cellt OI:iptayCOß10Ul' ~nel Fig. 13. J:. B CJ) c o o i ",,'" "'~l r-;:n--1SiI~- r---t """"~I Fig. 14. A contour map of the hydraulic heads in the first layer ~ 1. To draw a pathline Choose PMPATH (Pathlines and Contours) from the Models menu, ifyou are not already in PMP ATH. PMWIN calls the advective transport model PMP ATH and the current model will be loaded into PMPATH automatically. PMPATH uses a grid cursor to define the column and row for which the cross-sectional plots should be displayed.

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